“All these cars have gotten history. This one created history.”

That’s however James Pringle represented his entry in Sunday’s twenty ninth annual Automotion automotive show: A 1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen, AN amphibious German vehicle which may are used against Canadian troopers on the Gothic Line in European nation.

It was one among some 450 vehicles of all shapes and sizes on show at the currently ancient August long weekend event on stronghold Island and its environment. EdisonElectricCar1913

It was definitely among the additional fulgurous, and Pringle, of Ottawa, notes he has typically detected objections to the little allegory on the front licence plate enclosed for historical genuineness.

But Pringle is adamant regarding the vehicle’s historical worth. He additional veterans have not objected to his showing it and he considers such a display a region of the general work of conserving the bequest of Canada’s period effort.

Rather, he adds, it’s sometimes members of the overall public UN agency object.

“You’ll have those who ar troubled to without stopping regarding the looks of one thing being unsavoury,” aforementioned Pringle.

Still, Pringle has got to use caution once showing his vehicle to dispel any misguided Nazi sympathizers UN agency may attempt to “politicize” the display.

The vehicle, made up of elements obtained from across the eu Union, is that the end result of a 10-year effort, he said.

Over at Armagh S. Price Park, another Ottawa resident, Paul Dokuchie, thespian a equally giant crowd of onlookers to his light-weight inexperienced 2015 competitor disagreeable woman.

“I’ve solely got regarding four hundred kilometres on that and it’s virtually different,” aforementioned Dokuchie, UN agency describes the automotive as “scary quick.”

He was shocked to ascertain his automotive used as one thing of a signature for this year’s Automotion, used on T-shirts.

Dokuchie represented the expertise at Automotion as “unbelievable.”

“What a good day; a lot of folks, a lot of admirers and there is such a big amount of stunning cars here,” he said.

Rejean Brizard, of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, was back for the seventh year at Automotion to show his continually standard 2005 pony.

The shiny custom automotive has won within the My Custom class each year and has gained a particular following, he said.

“Some tell Maine it’s their favorite,” aforementioned Brizard.

Many Automotion fans are regulars, together with Darrell MacIsaac, of Cobden, UN agency reduced along with his woman, Lynn, for the third straight year to require within the automotive show.

“We’re enthusiasts and that i like reproof the exhibitors to induce the stories behind the cars,” he said.

The try realize Brockville a gorgeous place to go to and complimented organizers for making a unforgettable expertise, together with live music.

Automotion could be a charity event placed on by the one thousand Islands Street Machine Association (TISMA), whose members ar currently wanting ahead to the show’s thirtieth day.

“They aforementioned we’d ne’er survive. investigate North American nation go,” aforementioned TISMA organizer Kevin Smith, one among the founders of Automotion.

This year’s edition thespian near 450 entries, kind of like last year’s total, and some 5,000 people, said Smith.

He believes this year’s Automotion can deliver another $5,000 in income to the United approach. Smith adds the event has contributed over $60,000 to it organization since the 2 became associated.

Participants return from as so much abroad as North Bay and the big apple State and organizers give nearly ninety trophies during a big variety of classes, said Smith.

The German vehicle on show this year is AN example of the variety organizers ask for to gift, that is one among this show’s strengths, said Smith.

“We settle for everyone. It does not matter what automotive you have got or wherever you’re within the restoration stage,” he said.

Robots fighting

Fighting robots controlled by technology Wii m3aK5gSRZdG5aN65gJsK5QvHUMA

Scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory, in collaboration with the US Navy engineers are using the Nintendo Wii game console technology to implement new methods to control military robots

“If a soldier trying to detect a bomb using a robot, 95% of his attention must focus on a computer screen,” says Doug Few, Idaho Laboratory engineer, working on the project. “Using the Wii Remote, it reduces the workload of the operator and the robot can also be used for many purposes. ‘Current laptop interface that control the military robots can contain up to 50 buttons and requires concentration entire attention of a soldier on the monitor, a possibly fatal distraction in a theater of war. The Wii Remote, ergonomic and intuitive is small, the researchers said, stand testimony popularity among players. The Wii Remote is equipped with buttons, infrared cell and gyroscopes. Few and colleagues at the INL have modified the device so you can maneuver a robot using its military. Through the infrared range may indicate a certain place, and the robot, using an artificial intelligence system, will go towards the disrectie a route established by him. The various barrels and remote movements of the robot will turn clear reactions, such as throwing a grenade or elimination of anti-personnel mines. “At the moment two people are required to coordinate existing systems; one to control him and another that to defend it, “said Jason Slater, the company producing robots Foster Miller. “With the Wii Remote, you can offer a better soldier operator awareness of surroundings.”

Robots, humanoids partners of the future?

European researchers finishes “table” international scientific unusual proposal that even worry many in the business community. The initiative is called LiREC – Living with Robots and Companions incerarca Internactivi and promote this very eccentric idea drawn from science fiction movies

The concept of social misfit who builds his own “partner” is a fantasy that dates back to 1985, when Hollywood was the subject of the film “Weird Science”. At that time, the idea was viewed with amusement as a pure fiction, but it seems that today scientists are eager to alter our strong communication and social interaction. Much of the advancement of robotics has proved useful in the sense of robots replacing humans to perform difficult or dangerous tasks, such as assembling cars or crossing a minefield. Psychology humanoid robot is a new level of progress and introduction for medical purposes in treating patients with various problems is a good thing. Nevertheless, it is becoming more visible to replacing real people in our lives with robotic versions that “keep us ugly”, and this has a touch disturbing. Such research is however vital technological evolution; robots such as Roomba have already shown how closely people could induce expressions of emotions and sensations realistic mechanical minds. However, most people can not help but raise the subject often presented in science fiction movies, according to which all these robots will help until they stopped his make and will rebel against the human species, annihilating it.

History of Technology 18


History of Technology 18.And the operating system is still considered a software program, but is also based platform that allows for other programs, so will have a special place in the category called software. IMA_V32_I1_Jan_1977_20-1

Software applications occupy an important role as turn a PC into a truly useful and professional tool with multiple destinations. The software contains specific instructions that he will know what to do to facilitate the user watching video, to access the Internet or writing a text.


The function that defines a computer is the ability to calculate and make decisions based on sets of instructions. These skills help the computer to complete the human power of thought.

Processing is made of several components. The most important is the microprocessor, microprocessor but could not work alone. It would be like a brain spineless and without food, without blood. For a computer, these functions are given by a chipset support. Basically, a computer needs an equivalent animal and human instincts, primitive behaviors that help it survive without the ability to learn. For a computer, BIOS equivalent instinct is a set of computer instructions that provide basic functions, or … personality.

The first difference between a computer and a TV is that the former has a keyboard, and the other does not. If we act on it in front of the TV like a potato or vegetable respected as any plant, but when we sit at the computer, it concerns us. She wants to know what we want, we listen to the thoughts and actions through the keyboard and mouse, to process orders. Can calculate, organize, Full, draw or edit any. No other car did not take information from humans and can also manipulate a computer.

This is the difference between the power of a computer as a data processing machine, and his way of thinking.

As a physical entity, processing takes place in a unit called the CPU (central processing unit), or simply “computer”. But the processor (CPU) is only a small part of the machinery necessary for processing and data processing. Microprocessor, chipset and BIOS, all they have their function is different in concept, design and operations.

The microprocessor

The most important part of the computer’s motherboard is the microprocessor. It is responsible for “thinking” computer. The power of a computer (eg, how fast can you resize an image) is given microprocessor model, and how quickly can operate (megahertz or gigahertz speed measured).

The new Core 2 Duo processors contain more than 800 million transistors that close and open over a trillion times per second, can make a billion calculations during an eyelid blinks, or over 4 million calculations in the time in which a bullet through the distance of 3 inches.

The microprocessor is actually a large integrated circuit with many connectors. It is easily seen on a motherboard as it is placed on the largest and dominant socket on the motherboard. It is the centerpiece of a computer.

Nikolo Tesla 3
Coming to America

Tesla arrives in America with him only a letter of recommendation from a friend of Edison in Europe. On arrival it looks completely shocked: “What we left behind was beautiful, artistic and fascinating in all respects; I saw here was lacking finesse and unattractive. America is a century behind Europe “.
Electricity was introduced in New York in late 1870. Edison’s incandescent lamp made the demand for electricity explode.
Factory direct current to the Pearl Street (Manhattan) quickly became monopoly. Edison knew little about AC and did not want to learn more. The employee, however, Tesla, offering 50,000 to improve generators and electric motors Edison. Tesla has completed the task but … APRIM not a cent out of the following comment: “When you become a fully mature American’ll know how to appreciate a joke American”. Shocked and displeased, Tesla immediately resigned.

His ideas on alternating current that we use today were to materialize being supported by an investor. Patents have been then purchased by Westinghouse company with which it will continue to achieve “city lights”. On the occasion of the International Fair in Chicago opened on May 1, 1893, the 27 million visitors have seen and burned hundreds of incandescent lights.
This only because of his inventions on AC systems. It was just the beginning of his fight with Edison …
Nikola Tesla – Niagara project
Since childhood, Tesla dreamed could use water power for electricity production. In his mind he always see the wheel that might help. On November 16, 1986, Niagara Falls project was completed after five years of efforts, moments of renunciation and distrust financial crisis and millions of dollars invested. The first hydropower plant was now functional. The author of this project, which many seemed a fantasy, it was just Tesla.
After the success of Niagara, Tesla returned to his favorite work-experimentation. Back in his laboratory on Grand Street in New York City, Tesla was absorbed in researching high frequency electricity. A number of scientific discoveries had begun to shed light on the phenomenon of high frequencies. In 1873 in England, James Clerk Maxwell demonstrated mathematically that light is an electromagnetic radiation-light was vibrating power with very high frequencies.

Tesla has begun work on frequencies by building rotary AC generators that could reach higher speeds; but when approaching 20,000 revolutions per second, the cars broke into pieces. The answer came with a remarkable tool known today as a Tesla coil. Using high frequencies, Tesla developed the first neon and fluorescent lighting. He also made the first X-ray images.

Device IndraControl XM
New XM IndraControl device platform for logical control units Rexroth motion.
Increase productivity by increasing computing power
The concepts of modular equipment, increased productivity requires access control hardware solutions and increasingly stronger, transfer and features more software component. New XM platform IndraControl device produced by Rexroth offers a higher computing power necessary for this purpose. In addition, high capacity computing helps achieve real-time complex processes and connecting equipment with IT world.
The new control units based IndraControl XM control unit, with Intel ATOM covers outputs range from average to great. They may be combined with fast input-output system in real time IndraControl S20, which provides update times of less than 6 mS – up to 256 I / O (input / output).
This increases the power reserves for complex motion sequences and short cycles. Real-time communication support automation SERCOS bus. This open standard supported by many manufacturers, provides increased security in the future.
Bosch Rexroth has integrated Gigabit Ethernet interface specifically for networking with superior IT systems and devices HMI (Human Machine Interface).
Also, it can transfer large amounts of data with a high bandwidth. A USB interface also provides a full IT security.

Manufacturers of machinery can easily expand in the lucrative range of functions for control units through additional modules. As a result, the security module complements IndraControl XM platform with integrated control unit SafeLogic safety.
In other modules, users can simply connect various peripheral devices over other bus interfaces. Control hardware solutions are compatible with systems Rexroth logical move. This allows users to easily and inexpensively deploy large highly dynamic control systems, hydraulic components.
Economic, accurate, safe and energy efficient: drive and control technology solutions from Bosch Rexroth set in motion machinery and systems of any size.
Encompasses global company that has experience in the mobile applications market segments, applications used, a technologies, automation and renewable energy production units to develop innovative components and solutions and services tailored to the system.
Bosch Rexroth offers its customers hydraulics, electric drives and control systems, pneumatic components, gearing and linear motion technologies and assembly technologies, all from a single source. With offices in over 80 countries, more than 37,500 partners have generated sales revenue of approximately EUR 6.5 billion in 2012. (More details

The Bosch Group is a global leader in providing technology solutions and services active in the field of automotive technology, energy and building technology, industrial technology and consumer products. According to preliminary figures, more than 306,000 partners have generated sales of 52.3 billion euros in 2012. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in over 60 countries. If included and its sales and service partners, Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries.
This global network of development, production and sales is the foundation for future growth. Bosch has invested only in 2012 about 4.5 billion euros in research and development and documentation submitted for over 4,700 patents worldwide. Bosch Group products and services are designed to fascinate and improve quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial. In this way, the company provides global technology that is “Invented for life”. (www.bosch.com and www.bosch-press.com).

Albert Einstein robot

Albert Einstein robot has learned to smile.
A robot that reproduces with high fidelity physiognomic traits of the famous scientist Albert Einstein taught himself how to smile, how to frown and how to manifest various other human facial expressions by using machine learning programs.

To be able to make it on Einstein robot to perform facial expressions, researchers initially they used to program each of the 31 individual artificial muscles by trying disposal machines. Now, computer specialists Perception Laboratory of Mechanics at the University of California, San Diego have used machine learning to provide the opportunity to learn the robot on their own facial expressions.
According to scientists, who presented the project last month in the IEEE 2009 the Eighth International Conference of Development and Learning, is the first time anyone has used machine learning penteru to “teach” a robot mimics realistic.
Expressions robot still look pretty bizarre, but researchers say currently working on ways in which to make them more realistic. The research group believes that their robot studios all we could improve understanding of how babies and children learn facial expressions. Moreover, the “parents” Einstein robot plan to advance their machinery of sufficiently that it will be able to bring us closer childcare was by robots.
Rat-rescue robot will perform actions
After six years of study, scientists from the universities of Bristol and Sheffield, UK have built a robot that can explore the places where the disaster occurred, in search of survivors.
Scratchbot – so called prototype – a robot able to explore dark places or rooms full of smoke, relying only on sensors placed on the “whiskers” his long. Its builders were inspired by the targeting of rats, using their “whiskers” to explore the area without visibility.
So-called “whiskers”, present in many mammals are sensitive hairs, called vibrize, with which animals perceive the surrounding space features which help them focus even in the dark.
“Whiskers” of Scratchbot are 4 times longer than the rats and are made of carbon fiber; are arranged in two groups of nine, on both sides of the “head” and can move up and down 6 times per second, with a small engine.
A grasshopper robot can jump 27 times their own length.
A robot with the ability to make huge leaps was designed by Swiss researchers in order to reach the most inaccessible places on Earth or other planets, as I hope the creators of this robot with multiple applications.
“Swarms” of such robotic locusts could explore areas, regions and even planets in the near future. The device looks like an ordinary clock mechanism, but being equipped with mechanical legs. Although weighs no more than seven grams, the small robot can jump 1.4 meters, ten times more than this prototype robots precursors. The mechanism that brings him to jump his property was inspired by the ability of locusts biomechanics.
To improve the performance of movement, the two states of the robot can adjust its size depending on the length chosen jumps mini computer with which it is equipped.
A small battery attached to the back of the machine it feeds the energy required to perform 360 jumps with a break between each jump 3 seconds.
“This biomimetic form of jumping is unique because it allows microrobot to travel over many types of terrain, where other robots powered wheels or tracks would fail in any way,” said Professor Dario Floreano, team leader researchers the Laboratory of Intelligence Systems, Ecole Polytechnique Federale within Lausanne, Switzerland.
Minirobot was presented at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Pasadena, California.

A current issue

current-issue-bannerDespite Robot Laws were formulated seven decades ago, the problem of a moral code began to put acutely only in recent years that a stormy development of systems equipped with artificial intelligence compelled people to realize that, with successes emerges and a worrying aspect: the way people wear these creations – almost creatures – when they become autonomous, as they want their creators. So it’s a very recent phenomenon. As proof, comprehensive work on the subject are of recent date:

In 2009, Oxford University Press published Moral Machines: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong (Author: Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen), a comprehensive summary paper on the challenges of building the AMA and quotes about 450 bibliography sources, the vast majority dating XXI century.
In 2011, Cambridge University Press published a collection of essays on ethics problem of artificial systems (Machine Ethics; Author: Michael Anderson and Susan Leigh Anderson)
Also in 2011, Nick Bostrom and Eliezer Yudkowsky inserted an article called The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Cambridge Handbook of Artificial Intelligence.
And so, the majority of specialized books and articles and popular articles appeared in various publications dating back only a few years, which seems to indicate that the problem has become acute. Undoubtedly, this phenomenon is related to the fact that in the past few years, robots and generally equipped with artificial intelligence systems have become, indeed, capable of many different actions and decisions, which put an immediate problem moral education of these embodiments.
Under our eyes, arises a new type of creature is already talk of a special category of “beings”, so-called artificial moral agents (AMA), artificial intelligence systems feature but can (and will be) to not only make decisions based on objective conditions, but also in accordance with a moral that will be “stuck in my head” of those who have designed and built.
So robots can learn to lie. And if you lie to each other, we would not be lying in one day, and us? And if it comes to our minds, what could prevent some of them to make things worse (in our view)? Some of them we could easily physical harm; endowed with weapons (who knows if he would get to build them themselves?) we could even kill. Sounds paranoid delusions? Maybe. But if big industrial machinery, lack of intelligence, is a real danger to humans when handled with due care, much more could be dangerous impact AMA lacking a moral brakes that allow humanity to live his life in relative safety.
How to learn to distinguish good from evil? How to guard against the evils that haunt us and that we often escape from the grasp of moral brakes, doing so much damage to those around: selfishness, greed, lust for power?
For now, his new control them, and they can take control seems a utopia. And yet, that people who work every day with these systems (and I know they can do better and what not) are concerned about the issue of ethics of their operation show that the time when we have to find a moral basis for living together is not as far as I thought.

Which PlayStation 4 Games Should You Opt For? – Part II

In Part I of ‘which PlayStation 4 games should you opt for’, we looked at five very popular games and offered you a snippet if you should try those out. In Part II, we look at some other popular PS4 games and we shall shed some light on whether they would appeal to you or not.



  • Role playing games are a genre and within that classification there are various types. One of the more popular types of role playing games is fantasy. If you like fantasy games and if you like multiplayer gaming options, then you should try out the Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn. The earlier version of the same Final Fantasy installment did not appeal to many fans. Many were disappointed with the mess that was created within the game. In Reborn, Final Fantasy XIV fans will have a great time. Unfortunately, despite many games moving to free to play models, this one is sticking to its monthly subscriptions. That can be a deterrent for many and if you don’t like spending about a fifteen bucks a month, then you should perhaps try out some other games.
  • Free psn codes
  • When it comes to breaking rules, seldom has any game done it better than GTA. Grand Theft Auto V is a treat on PS4. Whether it is the mockery within the game or some callous misdemeanor on the streets, GTA V will certainly appeal to most gamers.

  • Do you like first person shooter games and do you have a penchant for some smart action and storyline instead of a mundane linear narrative? If you answer yes, then you should go for Wolfenstein – The New Order.
  • If you are a tad tired with the run off the mill games, then you need to try something different. Fortunately, you have PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate at your discretion. Whether it is the surprises within the game, the teases, the problems or the resolutions, this game will entertain you.
  • Are you a gamer who doesn’t like to get worked up and prefers to play some conventional shooting sequences? Then, you should try Destiny. If you are looking for a story on an epic scale and consistently evolving narratives, then this is not for you.
  • Avid gamers or even the amateur enthusiasts seldom get an opportunity to play a game like The Last Of Us – Remastered. This game is very well written and it looks amazing. However, it is intense. If you like depth and intensity, a great story and some nerve-wracking combat, then you shouldn’t miss this one. Actually, no gamer should miss this one, unless all you want is some lighthearted fun for a couple minutes.


4k technlogoy  vs 1080p. Currently, the most popular resolution for movies and most coveted gadgets users is known as the Full-HD, the number of pixels is 1920 × 1080. It replaced the so-called Standard Definition resolution (720 × 480 pixels) and HD-Ready 720p resolution (1280 × 720 pixels). The movie industry seeks for some time to impose a new format to be adopted for both movies and TV industry, this being one of the new attributes of Smart TV’s.

Name of 4K resolution is derived from the number of pixels horizontally retrieve: 4000 pixels. There are about 2,000 vertical pixels, so the 4K resolution is about 4000 × 2000 pixels.

Unfortunately, currently there is no generally accepted standard for 4K resolution, but there are several resolutions approaching or slightly exceeding the “magic” number of 4000. There are two common formats:

  • QuadHD 3840 × 2160 pixels – its name comes from the fact that the total number of pixels is four times higher than that of full-HD resolution. It is also the only 4K resolution that complies 16: 9 format.
  • 4K / 2K or 4096 × 2160 pixels 4Kx2K – its name comes from the fact that the number of horizontal pixels is over 4000 and those of vertical over 2000.

Generally, manufacturers of TVs will count on QuadHD resolution, as happens in the case of products launched by LG at IFA 2012, but is very likely that its marketing name remain 4K, since apparently sounds better.

The theory sounds good, and the demonstrations made by the manufacturers of these TVs are sometimes impressive, since the image quality and color depth are superior the Full HD technology. In addition, all these TVs fall in the category Smart TV, TVs able to connect to the Internet via a wireless network.

LG could not miss from the party launches TVs 84″ and the 4K 3D model impresses with 4K resolution, ie 3840 × 2160 pixels. Despite appearances, the technology used by the South Korean manufacturer allows you to watch TV from a distance closer than you might think at first glance: according to those present at the launch, TV can be seen even from a distance less than two meters, especially because the pixels are barely visible. Unfortunately, not all things are rosy, as viewing angles are limited so that the TV does not allow viewing from the side, but it is possible that it is just a problem of the unit present at the IFA 2012.

BRAVIA KD-84X9005 Smart TV launched by Sony has an impressive diagonal of 84 inches (214 cm), LCD screen with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, four times more than the FullHD standard. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass and has glass viewing angles of 178 degrees (89/89) right / left and up / down. Sony began the 4K technology development for projectors for cinemas, BRAVIA KD-84X9005 incorporating an optimized version of X-Reality PRO technology that promises high quality images reminiscent of the cinema.

How to Get Clash of Clans Gems

Whether it is your next improvement or the final piece of a week long plan, having the gems you need on hand can make the difference between success and failure.  As a result, this leaves many people to ask the simple question, “How can I get more Clash of Clans Gems?”  Lets take a quick moment and review some of the ways that you can get more Clash of Clans Gems.

Clash of clans gems 2015

How To Get Clash of Clans Gems

  1. Removing Obstacles


One of the quickest ways for people to get Clash of Clans gems is through removing obstacles.  This will require that you have a free builder on hand.  One of the best ways you can save your time while promoting more forest growth is to cut down all of the trees first.  Trees will come back over time where as rocks will not.  So, by clearing all the trees first, you can remove the rocks while your trees come back in, providing even more room for trees.


 Clash of clans hack

  1. Achievements

Whether you love them or hate them, achievements are one of the best ways for you to get Clash of Clans gems, and is normally the number 1 answer to how to get Clash of Clans gems.  Achievements can reward a great deal of gems for relatively little work.  Take a look at what achievements you have and which achievements you can still get.  How easy are the remaining achievements?  By drawing up a plan, you can set yourself on a path that will see you get a great deal of gems in not much time.



Be in the Top Clans


Be one of the top 10 players in the top 3 clans and you will get a great deal of gems every week.  Though this is not the easiest way to get gems, it is one guaranteed way to get a whole bunch of gems really quickly.



The Paying Option


Last but not least, there is always the paying option.  Clash of Clans was designed so that you can quickly and easily pay for gems in the game.  Though it will cost you real money, you will get a quick infusion of gems, which could make all the difference in the world at that moment.  And, because the game is free, it is not like you have to pay on top of already having purchased the game.  In the end, what you decide is ultimately up to you.





LG TV on CES. The trend in 2014: health. This year we saw many smart bracelets that promised that measure the pulse.

Mio clock advantage is that it’s comfortable, you do not need sensors to the chest and transmits the signal to the phone. Many only measures your steps, why the pulse too? The pulse is the best metric system for measuring if you’re an athlete. The more you are healthy the heart rate is even less, when you train you want to be sure you’re not exhausted.


And if you want to be careful with your health, there is a bracelet from LG that can be connected to TV . On Smart TV you have an application that tells you how to train: Lifeband. You have several options depending on what exercises you want to do. In fat burning program shows statistics, pace, calories and steps.

Another idea about what would have to make an accessory arm is to shine, in different way. June measure the level of UV radiation and you are alerted on your phone when it’s too dangerous to sit in the sun. From many bracelets I’ve heard in 2014, June is one of the most interesting for those who are afraid of sunlight. It measures how powerful is the sun and if it’s dangerous.

iHealth has launched a host of wireless gadgets at CES which monitors the glucose, blood oxygen level and pulse. Is the only Bluetooth system for measuring blood glucose. It transfers automatic data to your iHealth account. You can follow everything. I can watch the pulse and blood sugar and is important because many diabetics are prone to heart disease.

A very interesting device is a helmet that promises that if you use it 25 minutes a day for 6 months, you will regain the old hair: iGrow. This is a machine that helps you recover your hair using laser. It has headphones so you can listen to music. Seems a joke, but it’s real! How it works? It makes hair grow using laser therapy. There are 20 laser diodes in the helmet and another 31 LEDs.

Is enough about health section. Let’s see the coolest gadgets shown. Detached win drones, specifically octocopter from DJI. The first serious drone coming from HDC, made from carbon fiber.

How many pounds is? Without battery and camera weighs under two pounds. It can carry up to 3 kg, ie a Canon 5D and can fly an hour. You can have very good autonomy with a big battery and a smaller camera or a low autonomy with a good performance camera.

In the category of cool hipster enters electric tricycle. It’s very simple to fold. It’s designed for all generations. The young generation can use it as a segway, and perhaps that older generation wants to sit down, so you can come in malls, stores and be careful when you return. So is like a tricycle that you can use inside and outside.

LG Curved OLED TV. This year LG wants to surprise the whole world with a series of revolutionary devices. It is primarily about TV – although the term is too modest for the devices made by South Korean. The UltraHD generation TVs with 4K Revolution boasts an incredibly vivid and clear picture quality, no matter how close you sit to the screen.


But LG pushed even further the innovation, coming with the first curved screen TV – LG Curved OLED TV. They come too, with a smart webOS TV – an extremely simple interface, from how to set up to the experience that you have when are watching a movie or a TV program, with a menu that gives you all the information on the spot, while you watch your favorite show. And if you’re tired of two dimensions, 3D TVs from LG promises an experience similar to that of the cinema, especially when the 3D technology is combined with UltraHD.

In terms of mobile devices LG has come up, too with revolutionary products at IFA Berlin 2014, not surprising, given that a few months ago won the title of “Most Innovative manufacturer of electronic devices” at the Global Mobile Awards.

These devices include the LG G3 smartphone, equipped with a gorgeous screen with a 2K resolution – more than FullHD. But while smartphone sits in the pocket, the more information will come on watch.

South Koreans showed here LG G watch R – R from “round”. In an era when almost all watches are boxy, they made him round and it resulted one of the most successful SmartWatch of IFA Berlin 2014. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and you can use it to search Google, to dictate messages, to browse, , how is the weather, how much you walk – and to measure pulse. It’s a watch that is not only smart, but also look good.

In the field of tablets, LG has come up with G Pad, one of the most powerful devices of its kind on the market. It weighs 388g, about half of weight of the iPad 2, has a 8.3 inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and a 600 quad-core processor at 1.7 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. The storage space is 16 GB, and the two cameras have 5 MP and 1.3 MP. Works on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Watch more clever for adults and for kids too! LG has launched the clock with only one button and no screen, LG Kiz On. The child puts it on hand, and the father knows exactly where is the little one. The father can call his child – otherwise, the parent number is the only that can communicate with this device.

Finally, another innovation from LG is the safety system Knock Code, allowing over 80,000 unique and simple combinations. The system was introduced this year by updates on all phones from LG and is considered one of the safest ways to unlock the phone.

Bertha: highest drilling mining equipment in the world

Man’s need to exploit mineral deposits, along with the construction of tunnels bigger, safer and more complex resulted in the construction of drilling equipment becoming better and bigger. It seems that today, the pinnacle was achieved through the construction and commissioning of Bertha’s largest mining equipment drilling worldwide. Named female names to continue the tradition in the area, named Bertha first and only female mayor of Seattle, and is preparing to make history literally in his characteristic style.



Colossus which grinds all

The first thing that shocked this giant drilling device is obviously incredible size. Bertha has a length of 93 meters, a width of 17.5 meters and a weight of over 7,000 tons. He was named in honor of Bertha Knight Landes, the first and only woman mayor of Seattle, elected in 1926.

After years and years of planning and research, most boring car in the world and started operations on 25 July 2013 Its role is to create a huge tunnel that is more then an alternative route to Highway 99 the United States.

The tunnel will be dug in a whole neighborhood of Seattle. BE actually passes beneath more than 200 buildings, but both officials and team work I think will not cause major incindende as Yerkan KaDeena says spokesman Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement of the Program.

“We do not know over what will give Bertha, but the tunnel will be strictly monitored. We will not lose sight of any vibration and study the foundations of every building, “he adds.

Bertha only cost less than $ 80 million and is in fact part of a large scale project, which cost $ 3.1 billion and is replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct scopr. This is a suspended highway along Seattle, built in 1953, over 110,000 vehicles passing daily over. City officials found based on detailed studies that this bridge has weakened resistance structure therefore can collapse anytime an earthquake stronger.

Rebuilding from the ground to Shimba Elliot Bay neighborhood surroundings. Bertha was built in a factory in Japan and arrived in the United States on April 14, 2013, was disassembled into 41 parts.

It was reassembled at a site located near stadiums CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field. Specialists estimate that drilling device Bertha will take approximately 14 months to finish the tunnel length 3, 2 km.

Therefore, the authorities waiting with excitement as October of 2014, Bertha to surface south of Lake Union. In such conditions, construction entrepreneur and the authorities expect the new stretch of road traffic will resume built in 2015.

The Transportation The Department and contractors, Seattle Tunnel Partners, opened the site on June 20, this year and Jay-slate, Washington Governor said is facing a historic moment.

The monster’s mouth steel special alloys

The most striking aspect of gigantic drilling machine is the cutting and grinding. It has the same diameter as the whole body of the machine and is equipped with 260 “cutting teeth”. Each of them has an important role and can be easily replaced in case they break or wear out.

Some teeth are designed to grind soft and friable soil layers, others collect ground soil and transports it inside the device to be ejected out while others can easily grind huge boulders or hard rock layers.


However, huge tunneling is not easy even for huge machines. Bertha consumes about 18,600 kilowatt day to advance 10 meters in the same period. Although the system is mostly automatic, it takes a team of 25 people working on it.

One of the reasons that Bertha was built according to demand employers is that Seattle is sitting on no less than eight geological left here with ice from the last glacial retreat.


Operation is not only digging and moving soil grinding tunnel created. The works consider the ground soil extraction without the tunnel to collapse or to flood. Bertha makes this by continuously injecting water and other chemicals into the soil until it is drawn into a paste which is collected behind the drill bit. Behind the shield cutter head. This is actually a huge steel cylinder that supports the sides of the tunnel and protects the motor and workers of mud and water. Shield design is old, but effective, being invented by engineer Marc Isambsard Bruneal and his son used to dig the first tunnel under the Thames 1825. Behind the shield cutter head. This is actually a huge steel cylinder that supports the sides of the tunnel and protects the motor and workers of mud and water. Shield design is old, but effective, being invented by engineer Marc Isambsard Bruneal and his son used to dig the first tunnel under the Thames 1825.

The team is not exempt from emotions. After all, Bertha catita must excavate a total of 650,000 cubic meters. Future mega construction machinery write today.

The four phases of the project Avatar


Many scientists are already working Avatar project. They include well-known names: Hiroshi Ishiguro, creator of a highly advanced humanoid robot, George Church, a geneticist who teaches at Harvard molecular and Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence expert.

To promote the project and to gain support from as many scientists, billionaire, debates and conferences on the subject worldwide.

To collect huge amount required to implement such a project, Dmitry appealed for donations from the richest people in the world, listed in Forbes.


Project avatar 2045

Has already received the support of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and the blessing of the Dalai Lama. Along with its scientists, philosophers and spiritual leaders who support the cause, Itskov sent an open letter to the UN secretary general, trying to convince him of the importance of this project, which could change the world.

“Mankind has a choice between two alternatives: to fall into the abyss due to global degradation or seek a new model of development that change people’s consciousness and give a new meaning to life. We believe that to reach a new stage of evolution, mankind needs a technological revolution combined with spiritual transformation, “writes in the open letter.

“I see the day that a person will be anesthetized and when he wakes up will have a new body. Perhaps at first appear to be a less natural than biological body. But the new body can feel, communicate, work. The whole experience of life is saved, preserved, all the knowledge of that person, “adds Itskov.

Avatar The project was divided into four stages, which Dmitry said to have a period of achievement “optimistic” but not impossible.

1 The first stage, Avatar would have begun in 2015 and completed in 2020 involves inventing a robot that can be controlled by an interface linking the human brain and a computer. This step is very important for people with disabilities, who could regain its independence, but also for people working in a dangerous environment. They will work without being physically present there. The idea seems impossible, given the latest developments in technology that have already allowed some control of devices through the power of the mind.

2 Avatar B phase which should be done in the years 2020 to 2025, involves transplanting a human brain into a avatar, after the death of the biological body. Besides taking an avatar android, researchers will need to develop an autonomous system to ensure the survival of the human brain.

3 In the next step, Avatar C, scheduled for 2030-2035, the human brain will be preserved in its material but “downloaded” into an artificial brain of an android. Only in this case we can start talking about “immortality”.

In this area, the transfer of memories and intelligence, research is still in its infancy. Transfer can be used temporarily to help recover lost memories, for example.

Talked about a similar idea recently Stephen Hawking, without making reference to project Russian billionaire.

British physicist said that the mind works like a computer and therefore could be “stored” in a computer, thus providing a “digital immortality”

“The mind is like a program, like a computer, so it is theoretically possible to copy the mind into a computer to provide some form of life after death.”

4 The last phase of the project, Avatar D, involves transferring human consciousness through a computer chip, a similar network of the Internet, enabling these individuals (or as they called them then) to use holograms to appear they want, anywhere on the planet or on other planets.

Holographic bodies will allow travel anywhere in the universe and will not need food or certain environmental conditions. The last phase would be completed by 2045.

Project Avatar

The technology that will bring us a few years “eternal life”.

Immortality and the fear of death – fear present for thousands of years in cultures and religions of the world. Regardless of the advancement of medicine and technology finally reached the inevitable end of our lives, and death will be no difference between rich and poor. But if you still would be possible to live forever, we want that? If our minds could be preserved in another body or a hologram, that would never go away? It is not a science fiction scenario but controversial project of a Russian billionaire.


Project Avatar

Media magnate Dmitry Itskov is only 32, but it is considered too young to think about already, but it can seriously at death. He wants to live forever, and because it has the financial resources and is passionate about science, not be limited to a mere desire. Believe that immortality is possible thanks to new technologies and designed a project that can turn this dream into reality, says Dmitry.

Billionaire Social Strategic Initiative founded in 2045 that supports and presents his project called Avatar after the famous film directed by James Cameron.

Dmitry wants, until 2045, to be available conservation technology allowing a human mind in an hologram or avatar. Thus, that person will be eternally in another form. “Modern civilization, with its space stations, nuclear submarines, iPhones them, we can save the limits of our physical bodies, disease and death,” says the manifesto Itskov Initiative 2045.

His project is revolutionary, seems detached from a fantastic film and raises many moral dilemmas concerning eternal life.

“People can decide for themselves how much they want to live and can evolve into a new body after their biological resources will be exhausted,” says Dmitry.

“The project implementation involves not only creating an artificial body, but change a whole system of values, the technologies that will help people to evolve morally, intellectually and spiritually,” he says.

“Superman” (or “new man”, as he calls Dmitry) that will be created will last so smoothly at high temperature, radiation and will not require oxygen. Thus, colonization of other planets will not be a problem.


Advances in technology that can support this project


No matter how fancy it may seem at first sight Avatar project, it should be noted that the United States government has allocated $ 7 million to develop an interface allowing soldiers to guide the power of the mind a bipedal machine that becomes a kind of soldier avatar.

Scientists have managed a unique experiment with two monkeys. One of them was connected to the electrodes in the spinal cord of the second, who was paralyzed, and was able to persuade the latter to make certain moves, just by the power of thought.

Other researchers have controlled the movements of a humanoid robot through brain waves. Do not forget Jason Barnes, nicknamed the “bionic musician.” The drummer, who lost an arm in an accident, now has a prosthetic performance, which helps him play better.


Those who invented this prosthesis used a technique called electromyography to capture electrical impulses from the muscles of the arm.


The researchers added a second robotic arm, drum stick, autonomously controlled by its own engine and equipped with a microphone and an accelerometer to charge Barnes beat rhythm and music performed by any other musician out near his.

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