How to Get Clash of Clans Gems

Whether it is your next improvement or the final piece of a week long plan, having the gems you need on hand can make the difference between success and failure.  As a result, this leaves many people to ask the simple question, “How can I get more Clash of Clans Gems?”  Lets take a quick moment and review some of the ways that you can get more Clash of Clans Gems.

Clash of clans gems 2015

How To Get Clash of Clans Gems

  1. Removing Obstacles


One of the quickest ways for people to get Clash of Clans gems is through removing obstacles.  This will require that you have a free builder on hand.  One of the best ways you can save your time while promoting more forest growth is to cut down all of the trees first.  Trees will come back over time where as rocks will not.  So, by clearing all the trees first, you can remove the rocks while your trees come back in, providing even more room for trees.


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  1. Achievements

Whether you love them or hate them, achievements are one of the best ways for you to get Clash of Clans gems, and is normally the number 1 answer to how to get Clash of Clans gems.  Achievements can reward a great deal of gems for relatively little work.  Take a look at what achievements you have and which achievements you can still get.  How easy are the remaining achievements?  By drawing up a plan, you can set yourself on a path that will see you get a great deal of gems in not much time.



Be in the Top Clans


Be one of the top 10 players in the top 3 clans and you will get a great deal of gems every week.  Though this is not the easiest way to get gems, it is one guaranteed way to get a whole bunch of gems really quickly.



The Paying Option


Last but not least, there is always the paying option.  Clash of Clans was designed so that you can quickly and easily pay for gems in the game.  Though it will cost you real money, you will get a quick infusion of gems, which could make all the difference in the world at that moment.  And, because the game is free, it is not like you have to pay on top of already having purchased the game.  In the end, what you decide is ultimately up to you.





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